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gps tour guide systems axitour com - with the gps tour guide systems by axitour tours get much more interactive for example during a city walk the gps system can display information on a particular building or it shows nearby restaurants in zoos visitors get a map with the main locations using the gps system during the tour complete with video and audio messages visitors, tour guide app pocketsights - the tour guide app our mobile app will guide your visitors from one point of interest to the next using gps our tour builder allows you to create a tour route that takes your visitors anywhere you want you re not restricted to roads or major pathways that means points of interest can be located anywhere off the beaten path, garmin united states tourguide data sources - except for our basic handhelds and older rino two way radio gps units all of our current outdoor and automotive products are compatible with custom pois tour guide pois are only compatible with our mp3 capable n vi and zumo units, how to create an outdoor gps tour guide tutorial part 2 2018 - instructional video for creating an outdoor gps enabled tour guide using locatify creator cms tutorial part 2 in this video you will learn about the general settings of the outdoor tour, gps tour guide apps on the app store itunes apple - download iphone and ipad apps by gps tour guide including gypsy guide hawaii collection gypsy guide canadian rockies driving tours road to hana maui gypsy guide and many more, travel guide using gps xi3 com - travel guide using gps pdftravel guide using gps womanandherwand comtour guide using gps canton homesforsale comgps beginner s guide ernet gps navigation travel guide at wikivoyage using gps technology for demand data collectionusing gps travel data to conference paper nrelgps guide, discover maui s secrets with the maui gps tour guide - the maui gps tour guide is a virtual tour guide that talks to you as you drive around maui using the gps built into the iphone the tour guide knows exactly where you are and alerts you to hidden beaches scenic lookouts historic sites hikes farmers markets and many other attractions, audio travel guides just ahead - the travel app to turn your smartphone into a gps audio tour guide for your road trip download on the app store download for android click here to have the download links emailed to you, gypsy guide driving apps like having a tour guide in - gypsy guide provides a professional tour guide commentary along scenic drives our tours highlight the very best of the region with entertaining stories about history geology legends local tips and directions so all you have to do is drive listen and soak in the scenery, ensure safety with 3g gps tracking for tourists from trackimo - trackimo is a tiny gps device that will track real time all your tour members making sure nobody gets lost