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silhouette the art of the shadow emma rutherford lulu - silhouette the art of the shadow emma rutherford lulu guinness on amazon com free shipping on qualifying offers elegant and enigmatic the silhouette is the simplest of art forms but that simplicity belies a rich and varied past in this first major work on the art of the silhouette, silhouettes how to cut for fun and money ann woodward - i found this book to be a good book for a well rounded introduction to the art of creating silhouettes i am a professional silhouette artist and am always interested in what other artists have to say about the subject as well as how they present the materials, calder foundation life biography - biography alexander calder was born in 1898 the second child of artist parents his father was a sculptor and his mother a painter because his father alexander stirling calder received public commissions the family traversed the country throughout calder s childhood